ModStuff: Fidanza One-Piece Mustang Driveshaft

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Flummoxed would be a good word to describe the first time we saw a latest generation Mustang up on a rack. We wondered, possibly out loud, why Ford installed a two-piece driveshaft into a vehicle which folks were obviously going to modify to make ridiculous horsepower. As 500 hp out of Mustangs becomes increasingly common the stock setup is showing its limits. The two-piece driveshaft and hanger bearing start doing some especially odd stuff when the horsepower edges into the 600 and up range. Fidanza has come up with a one-piece bolt-in solution for 2005-2007 Mustangs. The driveshaft is a direct replacement, and features a plunge joint up front to get around the yoke-less Mustang transmission setup. Best of all the units are available in both aluminum, und schteel.


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