Modified Mustang Featured In Exploding Armpit Commercial Is A Steal At Just $1,600 On Craigslist

GIF via YouTube

Hop into the hot seat of this modified 1996 Ford Mustang GT and picture yourself losing a drag race to a Nissan as your armpits erupt into flames.


At least, that was the concept behind the deodorant commercial this Mustang was modified for. You can watch the ad below, which was linked to in the Craigslist description for the car, taking you to the YouTube channel of the actor in the video:

For just $1,600 bucks you can own the car described as not being street legal, and, “TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH I WON IT AT AUCTION AND DIDN’T WANT IT LOL.”

I honestly kind of dig the attempt at changing the look. It’s very anime. But, the chances of anyone realizing you’re rolling around in something associated with horrible pit sweat are minimal if you manage to convert this slightly toasted GT back to being street legal somehow. Good luck!


Via Autoblog.

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