Modern Hero Leaves Luggage In Seattle Airport To Avoid $1,400 In Fees

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A man was flying from Seattle to New York on Delta with a number of bags. Overweight fees totaled $1,400. That's when this man transformed from Clark Kent to Superman: He left his bags in Seattle.


Since $1,400 is a lot of money to pay in baggage fees, this man, harnessing the will of someone born on Krypton or a member of Twisted Sister, decided he didn't have to take it.

He left his bags in Seattle and flew home happily. SeaTac closed the luggage counter and called in the bomb squad about the abandoned luggage. He was taken in for questioning when he landed. And then he was released, probably because the police hate the airline fees as much as Superman.



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Hypocrisy doesn’t make me wrong

As a frequent flyer people like this confuse me... Do they really not know that they are going to have to pay additional fees when they get to the airport? Seems almost universal now that if your bag is over 50lbs you are going to be paying out the nose... why not just ship it?

When he got to the window I'm sure he threw a big tantrum about the fees (it's a lot of money) and then stormed off, which combined with the need to call in the bomb squad meant that a good number of travelers were stuck with an extra hour or so of bullshit that they weren't planning on having to wait through when they got to the airport... Had that been me stuck in line checking my bag I would of missed my flight.

Sure, maybe he thought that that fees would be less, maybe he doesn't fly often and thought that bags were free.. Either way, I would stop well short of calling this guy Superman