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Model Crashes RV Into The Reno Arch Returning From Burning Man

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

28-year-old model/actress/singer Rosemary Vandenbroucke was arrested Monday after crashing a rented motor home into the Reno arch and fled the scene. Surprise! Police had earlier arrested her on ecstasy possession. Double surprise!! She was returning from Burning Man.

You may know Ms. Vandenbroucke from such Asian-market titles as "The Spirit of the Dragon" and "Spy Dad," but you probably don't. You're much more likely to know her from a photo spread in FHM. You'll know her now because, while returning to Reno to the Burning Man Festival, she hit a fire hydrant and then propelled her rented RV into the famous Reno Arch before fleeing the scene.


Reno police chased her down with the help of witnesses and booked her at the Washoe County Jail, where she managed this very un-model-like mug shot. The incident was just the end of what was a very wild weekend at Burning Man, that included Vandenbroucke's arrest on ecstasy possession charges.


(H/T Conor!) [RGJ, GetFrank]