Model auction combines die-cast cars and breasts

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Getting the attention of eBay browsers can be a real challenge, but one Minnesota man who's nipping off his mountainous die-cast car collection unlatched the idea of posing all his Dodges, Chevys and Mustangs with breasts.

The eBay seller explains he's getting the cars off his chest because of a financial tit in the wringer, namely the need "to buy my girlfriend a engagement ring," and one can only assume that's her modeling skills on display. The collection seems pretty well-rounded, but it's exclusively cars, so you'll have to look elsewhere if you're seeking motorboats.

The first auction ends in less than a day, but don't worry if you can't bounce to it; there are 42 others available as booby prizes.


Chest bump to Shark249!

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Matt Brown

Please don't forget that the west coast goes to lunch three hours after you do, and we may have dodgy Mexican food still trying to settle.