Mmmm, Yeeah: Bill Lumbergh's Porsche Up For Sale!

Illustration for article titled Mmmm, Yeeah: Bill Lumberghs Porsche Up For Sale!

When it comes to iconic Nightmare American Workplace Boss figures, it's hard to beat Office Space's Bill Lumbergh. Remember how satisfied you felt when you saw the scene in which Bill's 911SC got towed away? Well, the "stunt car" used for that scene is now available for a mere $1,750. You don't get an engine and transmission, but you do get a lifetime supply of TPS Reports! Thanks to Teargas for the tip! Make the jump to see The Best Of Bill Lumbergh. [Craigslist Austin, go here if ad disappears)]


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Rob Emslie

Bob Porter: Looks like you're Porsche has been missing a lot of parts lately.

Peter Gibbons: I wouldn't say its been missing them, Bob.

I know, it's weak. Still one of my favorite lines from the movie.