People have been pairing cars and music since at least 1951 when Ike Turner recorded Rocket 88. A lot of classic album artwork features cars prominently, like this fine example featuring Count Basie and his Jaguar E-Type. Have you seen anything more badass?

We ran a photo-gallery of automotive album artwork back in 2009 that featured a lot of classics and obscure gems but I think we can come up with some more now. I'll start by sharing some favorites of mine and the rest of the Jalopnik staff, and y'all can add your favorites in the comments. Sounds good? Great!

A bitchin' Town & Country from The Black Keys.

This one, unsurprisingly, comes from Raph. #raplopnik

A Gorgeous Mercedes-Benz 300S Cabriolet on this early Cannonball Adderley Album.

This obscure one is from the early nineties alternative rock band Heatmiser, and features a Jaguar D-Type. Elliott Smith, a favorite musician of mine, got his start in this band.

Keeping with the Jaguar theme, here's Donald Byrd with an E-Type. I love the simple, elegant designs of the 1950's & 1960's Blue Note album covers: for more check out this extensive gallery.

Another Donald Byrd/Blue Note album, this time with a Mercedes 190SL and a motoring-themed title.

A bona-fide classic from pinup artist Alberto Vargas. The drawing is based on a photo taken by the artist at a Ferrari dealer with the model, coincidentally named Candy, spread out on a Ferrari 365 GTC/4.

Snoop and a Datusn 510 Wagon. What more could you want?

From guitar god Jeff Beck we have a hot rod shop, except instead of cars we have guitars. Fender Stratocasters and hot rods are inexorably linked.

Some appropriately german cars (Mercedes W111 & VW Beetle for german electronic band Kraftwerk's Autobahn.

This one was Damon's suggestion. No further comment.

Hot rod's and Texas rock & roll. A perfect combination.

From Máté, we have Mouthful Of Love, the debut album of rock band Young Heart Attack. That GTO looks mean.

Frank Ocean has great taste in cars, evidenced by this Jalopnik-approved orange E30 M3 on his debut mixtape.

Now it's your turn: show us the best automotive album art.