Sweet Winged God Of Mischief, Doing Donuts In An Airplane Looks Awesome

I don’t care if “turning hard and mashing the throttle ’til you’ve worn a circle in the ground” is amateur-hour stunt driving. It’s some of the most fun you can have on wheels and there’s no better place to do it than an empty snowy field. Especially in a single-prop airplane on enormous tires.

This clip reportedly comes to us via Bobby Breeden, who’s apparently been known to raise a ruckus around Alaska in this white-and-yellow Super Cub on big tires made for landing in the snow.


Oh you can see him land here, alright. Then have his way with this beautiful patch of virgin powder for a few laps before blasting off onto his next adventure. It looks glorious, and I salute this pilot as a true patriot and a patron saint of motorized mischief.


Hat tip to Theo!

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Mmm, these donuts are so light and airy