Mmm...Nascar Tastes Like Pork!

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In a cross-brand synergistic marketing deal hearkening back to the first meat/car mix, the Oscar Mayer weinermobile, and giving new literalism to "salami races," it appears NASCAR has a new licensed product...and the picture above don't lie...there are now NASCAR Meats! Yes, we're totally serious here, NASCAR has an endorsed list of approved meats. We just don't know what else to say about this other than to let you know we think we just vomited in our mouth a little. We're shocked and gonna go lay down to suck on our thumbs for a bit.


Oh, one more thing...the name of the website they've chosen for promotion of this monstrosity? It's Gag.

NASCAR Meat Products to Roll Out Nationwide Labor Day Weekend [Mongram Food Solutions]

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