Mitsubishi's Refrigerator Division Made An Electric Self-Driving Car Concept

Mitsubishi Electric, which you know as the manufacturer of delightful household products like refrigerators and vacuum cleaners (and not to be mistaken for Mitsubishi Motors), made a car! Well, a concept car. And you know what? It looks aight.

It’s called the Emirai 4 and Mitsubishi says that it has “next-generation driving-assistant technology,” which should help lower the frequency of traffic accidents and make driving safer overall.


The technologies include a heads-up display with augmented reality that uses a “high-accuracy locator combined with high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning technology,” a sliding knob that you can use without taking your eyes off the road and LCD panels that show 3D images of the surrounding environment.

I like the look of this thing. It reminds me of one of those old, pre-war Bentleys, but all closed up and futuristic.

If you’re still curious about the Emirai 4, it’s being shown at the Tokyo Motor Show, which will take place later this month.

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