Mitsubishi i-MiEv Goes Evo

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Mitsubishi will enter the wild tube-frame, carbon-body AWD electric racecar you see here at this Year's Pikes Peak hillclimb. One electric motor drives the front wheels and two power the rear for a total output of 320 HP.


Other details remain scarce aside from Mitsubishi's insistence that this one-off, custom framed, custom bodied race car remains close to the production i-MiEv jellbean. The Evolution is fitted with a massive 35 kWh battery pack.

"Developed for the Pikes Peak event, the i-MiEV Evolution basically uses the same motor, drive battery and other major components as the production i-MiEV," states the company.


The production i-MiEv is powered by a single 66 HP electric motor driving the rear wheels and uses a 16 kWh battery. Mitsubishi actually plans to race one of those too.

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Now here's a little story I've got to tell

About three red daimonds you know so well

It started way back in history

With Airtrek, FTO, and Mi - the EV.

Been had a little horsy named Lanc-eer

Just me and my horsy and a quart of beer

Riding across the land, kicking up sand

Subie's posse on my tail cause I'm in demand

One lonely EV I be

All by myself without no bearings

The sun is beating down on my dry cell bat

The air is gettin' hot my tires' getting flat

Lookin' for a grille I ran into a galant

His name is FTO, I said, "Howdy" he said, "Hi"

He told a little story that sounded well rehearsed

Four days on the run and that he's dying of thirst

The brew was in my trunk and he was on my tip

His throttle was hoarse, his injectors were dry then he asked me for a sip

He said, "Can I get some?"

I said, "You can't get none!"

Had a chance to run

He pulled out his SHO-GUN

He was quick on the draw I thought I'd be dead

He put the gun to my head and this is what he said,

"Now my name is FTO I've got a license to kill

I think you know what time it is it's time to get ill

Now what do we have here an outlaw and his beer

I run this land, you understand I make myself clear."

We stepped into the wind he had SHO-GUN, I had a grin

You think this story's over but it's ready to begin

"Now I got SHO-GUN you got the brew

You got two choices of what you can do

It's not a tough decision as you can see

I can blow you away or you can ride with me" I said, I'll ride with you if you can get me to the border

The Subaru is after me for what I did to Toyota

I did it like this, I did it like that

I did it with an emissions cat

So I'm on the run STI's got my gun

And right about now it's time to have some fun

The King Airtrek that is my name

And I know the fly spot where they got the bearings main.

We rode for six hours then we hit the spot

The beat was a bumping and the radiators was hot

This Dodge was staring like he knows who we are

We took the empty spot next to him at the bar

FTO said, "Yo, you know this kid?"

I said, "I didn't." but I know he did

The kid said, "Get ready cause this ain't funny

My name's MiEV. and I'm about to get money."

Pulled out the volt rails aimed em at the sky

He yelled, "Stick 'em up!" and let sparks fly

Hands went up and people hit the floor

He wasted two Chryslers that ran for the door

"I'm MiEV. and I get respect

Your racing livery is what I expect"

FTO was with it and he's my ace

So I grabbed the Plymouth Laser and I punched him in the face

The Plymouth Laser's out the music stopped

A Buick had beef and he got dropped

MiEV. grabbed the MAF, FTO snatched the gold

I grabbed two Gremlins and a Sapporo that's cold.

R.I.P. ~ M.C.A.

Cool Mitsubishi BTW