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Mitsubishi Evo Challenges Subaru STi To Snow Drift Showdown

Two absolutely gnarly-sounding rally replicas took to a back lot in Spokane, WA to settle the score: who can get more sideways? We think there's a clear winner, but it has nothing to do with slip angle.


Clearly the winning car in this face-off is the Subaru. Why? The Evo does have some awesome drifts, and the chattering of its turbo wastegate does sound pretty epic, but the sound that boxer-powered STi is making is irresistible. We want one. We want anything that sounds that good and we want it badly.

Hat tip to: Swine, the Daily Hoon!

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That was super lame. Sorry Raphael. Those two just had no room in that dinky lot.

I have a non-turbo 2.5 Impreza and I could sustain 40mph drifts in Purdue's snowy stadium parking lot.