Mister Jalopy Takes it to the Banks'

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While we love us some Coop and some Iowahawk, there are few men on the planet who write about the sheer, shameful/shameless geekery of being an abject car nut than Mister Jalopy. So while we did run a bit about Coop and the mighty 'Hawk's visits to Gale Banks' Gearhead Invitational, we just ran across Mister Jalopy's account of the event, and well, crap. We can't not include Mister Jalopy, right? And besides, despite his denials of such radness, his coverage does not disappoint.


Gale 'Gearhead' Banks Accidently Welcomes Mister Jalopy to Invitational [Hooptyrides]

We'd Almost Trade The End of Last Week for This [Internal]

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Mark Miller

How can I miss this opportunity?!

Thanks Jalops, and hooray! commenter fembot.

Something that bugged me a couple days ago re the Gale Banks event story, was people referring to Jay Leno's pre-Communist era Tatra, (shown above), as a "commie-V8". The Tatra was in fact designed pre-WWII, (pre-Nazi occupation, thus of course pre-"commie").

And to confirm, (and further), fembot's point: Decades after Porsche put the VW in production, VW was actually forced to pay Tatra, (in 1961), roughly 4.8 million, (in 2006 US Dollars), for ripping-off the Tatra design.

Coincidentally!: How'd ya like to take the old Tatra for a spin yerself? Well click on over to my page and download my 1936 Tatra T-77 for "Racer" simulator. Drive too fast and learn why the German occupation era Czech locals, with a grin between themselves, called the rear-mounted V-8 Tatra "the Nazi Killer". (Fair warning: this sim is a time-waster!)