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When we first got our El Camino, we swapped out the decrepit Pioneer head unit for a more modern JVC piece that featured eight watts of raw power to each door-mounted speaker. Our friend Peet got in the car and said, "Sweet. Your radio's got a 'Metal' button." And indeed, it did. We miss the Metal button. Sometimes we would mash it while listening to tracks from "Somewhere in Time" or "Ride the Lightning" even when they were recorded on subpar, non-metal tape. Mister Jalopy has apparently recently purchased himself a mass of oddball German automotive audio equipment, and we're not sure if he's serious about it, but regardless, the man is doing the right thing by putting a Becker back in his diesel Merc wagon. As per all of our posts about Se or Hooptyrides, reading is compulsory. You will be quizzed in the morning. Thank you.

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