There's Now a Bulletproof Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat With All-Wheel Drive

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Dodge Hellcats send their 700-plus horsepower to the rear wheels, like muscle cars do. That takes away some traction and makes the cars hard to tame—part of their angry charm. But there’s a new Hellcat at the police station in town, and it’s sending power to the ground through all four wheels.


Oh, and it’s bulletproof. That too.

Despite a Georgia sheriff getting into trouble for dropping $70,000 on a factory 707-horsepower Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat with federal, and then local, funds, conversion company Armormax has an even fancier version of the car to sell. It’s targeted toward police purchase and use, it looks like, since it has bumper guards and police lights installed all over.

And while Armormax isn’t great at taking product pictures for its website (see: the photos above that look like they were badly cropped on Instagram in 2011), it seems to have mastered the art of converting factory Charger Hellcats from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive.

Armormax doesn’t say how much any of its advertised conversions to a factory Charger Hellcat cost, instead having that nice little “get a quote” button at the bottom of the listing overview. The 2018 Charger Hellcat starts at $67,995 from the factory, and everybody knows “get a quote” directly translates to “get this idea out of your head unless you’re ready to drop some serious cash.”

Either way, the conversion comes with some basic changes and some optional, evidently more expensive ones. Standard changes include the bulletproof armor and ballistic armored glass, and add-ons include bomb blankets, run-flat tires, a smoke-screen system and other things. Then, there’s the all-wheel drive.

Armormax told Motor Authority it has an in-house conversion process to make the Charger Hellcat into an AWD car, if customers want that. From the story:

Customers simply check the box and the company will ensure 707 horsepower finds its way to all four wheels rather than just the rears. That may make a decommissioned Armormax Charger SRT Hellcat a highly desirable used car in the future.

The company also installs police-spec lighting, ballistic armored glass, a push bar, and run-flat tires. The bulletproof paneling is available in B4, B5, B6, and B7 ballistic protection levels. Carbon-fiber decals complete the sinister package that surely no criminal will want to encounter. Protection is also present for the Hellcat’s battery, radiator, fuel tank, and ECU.


Well, go ahead and put the rare AWD Charger Hellcat on your “check back in 30 years” car list. With import rules in the U.S., we all know most of you have one anyway.

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