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Minnesota "Macaca": Local Congressional Staffer Goes Japan-Bashing

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This image was lost some time after publication.

Senator George Allen from Virginia's got nothing on Mike Osskopp, the district office director for Minnesota Representative John Kline. Osskopp, for some strange reason went bezerk at a rally for Kline's Democratic opponent, Coleen Rowley — and ended up being captured on film yelling "another Jap car...your buddies are supporting all these Jap and German cars" as Rowley supporters drove into the event. We're not really sure where he was going with the comments, other than to say Rowley supporters don't support American car companies. The Harley-Davidson-owning Osskopp must have decided he'd stand up for US automakers' honor, attacking their competition with a racial-tinged blitzkreig of blabber. Instead perhaps he should have just followed the lead of the head of his party, also a Harley-Davidson aficionado. That's right, the President's a fair man — he treats all automakers alike, foreign and domestic — by not saying a darn thing about or to any of them. We've got video below the jump.


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Im sure he prefers the mexican ones..