Minneapolis PD Buys T3 Motion Trike, Saint Paul Cops Point, Laugh

We've seen the T3 Motion before, and the law enforcement version may look cool in this video, but we assure you it's impossible to not look like a dork on one. So if you live in Minneapolis and are a police officer, prepare to look like a dork. Sure you'll be able to drive up to 25 MPH and run all day on just 11 cents of juice, tower over crowds, and get into tight spots a cruiser never could, but even bike cops will laugh at you. Plus it costs the city $10,000 so you're even going to out-nerd the Segway drivers. [StarTribune]

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Hey, I think Maddox already came up with this idea...

[www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net] (possible NSFW due to language). I mean seriously, it's roughly the size of a segway, and has a one up on the segway....BAM third wheel.