Minis double-team a 911 GT3 at the 'Ring

Monday's Renault vs. Porsche people-power smackdown was bad enough for fans of southern Germany's most storied sports automaker. But today we have a double dose of speedy shoeboxes making life hard for a Zuffenhausen-built car at the 'Ring.


Two of the all-time great fun things to do in a car are race a near-identical car and harass a supposedly-superior machine on a track. Combine the two — as these JCW Mini drivers do — and you get a video showing off some absolutely gleeful snob-car bullying.


The first five minutes of the clip are standard Nürburgring thrills — never a bad thing — but when a white 911 GT3 swoops in, the mood tangibly changes from intense playtime to full rabbit chase. Admittedly the Minis never get past the Porsche, but there are definitely uncomfortable moments in the 911's cockpit along the way.

Remember, kids: It's the driver that really counts, not the car. And never underestimate a hot hatch in good hands.

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Raphael Orlove

Race between the RingMini and a Sabine Schmitz 911 begins at 5:30, chit chat with Fräulein Sabine starts around 2:30.