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MINI Officially Returning To WRC With Countryman

Illustration for article titled MINI Officially Returning To WRC With Countryman

MINI fanboys, set your hearts to flutter, the company's officially announced a return to rallying. Prodrive's developing a World Rally Championship race-ready MINI Countryman for a run in the 2011 series. Rumor has it Marcus Grönholm's interested in driving. [Rallybuzz]


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Yeah, that's great, BMW, but here's a better idea. Why not enter the PROPER-SIZED Mini? It's smaller, lighter, more nimble, and it's actually a god-damned Mini. Sort of.

I think the only reason they used the Countryman is to sell it (no-one interested in one cares about off-road-ability. Or even knows what that is). This is why I hate the people in charge of BMW-Mini.