Mini Makes Lame Joke About Vaginal Shaving In Bathroom Ad

Mini is running an advertisement in public bathrooms with the title "Trim Your Posse." The copy at the bottom is even better/worse.

The campaign was found by our old friend Copyranter, who was recently swallowed by the all-consuming Buzzfeed borg. The shot was taken by one of his readers in a Toronto men's room and is blurry, so here's the text at the bottom.

With their slingshot-like acceleration and speed-sensitive rear spoilers, it's a given your commute time will get a very tight shave. Unfortunately, figuring out who gets to ride shotgun might not be that easy. Visit us at facebook...etc.


The ad seems to be run by Mini Canada alone. Have you seen something similar in your local pub bathroom?

(Hat tip to Mark!)

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