Beauty may only lie skin deep, but it can be argued that the Mini Crossover is hiding all of its beauty below the surface...a surface which reminds us of a startled hamster. Opinions have varied on the vehicle and we'll attempt to reserve as much judgment as we can until we see it in person. We can say that the interior features a number of smart touches of the kind that tend to separate Mini from its competitors. What do you think? Awesome, awful or just average?
Is this something you'd think of buying? In this form would it be a big seller? What do they need to change before it becomes the 2011 Mini Crossman? Do you like the sliding/pivoting doors? What about the newly-found roundness? Is this the Monte Carlo rally car of your dreams or the pudgy crossover of your nightmares? (QOTD is your chance to answer the day's most pressing automotive questions and experience the opinions of the insightful insiders, practicing pundits and gleeful gearheads that make up the Jalopnik commentariat. If you've got a suggestion for a good "Question Of The Day" send an email to tips at jalopnik dot com.)