SEMA reports via BorgWarner statistics that the number of direct-injected turbocharged gasoline engines is expected to keep growing, up to over two million engines by 2011. The good lot of this growth will occur in Europe, while China, Japan, and North America will also experience an increasing number of underhood hair dryers. New variable vane or variable turbine geometry (VTG) technology developed by BorgWarner and Porsche for the 911 Turbo will come down in cost and become available on more mundane machines. VTG does away with the need for a wastegate by changing the geometry of the hot side turbine vanes on-the-fly. A single turbo can boost efficiently at both low and high engine rpm. Two turbos in one! This amounts to smaller engines thinking they're much bigger, and increased fuel efficiency with no performance compromise. VTG turbochargers are nothing new to the lower exhaust gas temperature world of oil burners. Superior technology now has VTG turbochargers cooking with gas.


Geneva Premiere: Porsche Rolls Out the Turbo; Porsche to Introduce New Turbine Technology with 911 Turbo [Internal]


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