Might As Well Work On Your Basketball Handles In Gridlock Traffic

An RV fire between Redwood City and San Carlos, California brought traffic to an extended halt, prompting one guy to get out a basketball and work on his moves.

Here’s the coverage from the local Bay Area NBC:


Welcome to Highway 101. First lesson: practicing our handles.

His footwork is alright but his ball control definitely needs work. It almost looks like he’s just waiting for someone to come up and challenge him. Bolt a hoop to the bottom of the open tailgate and we’ve got ourselves a legitimate street game.

Other people took selfies and tried to get those awkward timed jumping photos in the completely deserted oncoming lanes:


According to the California Highway Patrol, an RV carrying hobby rockets caught on fire, cutting off all lanes of the highway. NBC reports that traffic was in gridlock for over an hour, which is plenty of time to get some ball practice in. I can completely relate.

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Triumph of the Will Clark

This is exactly why I bring my basketball everywhere I go. While you jamokes are fumbling around with Mad Birds and Tetanus on your phone, I’m further developing my hand eye coordination and getting ready to dominate at some street ball. Losers!