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Cousin-of-tha Jalop Sean brought a Honda Beat back to Dublin from Japan. One sad day, while driving home, a postal van drove out in front of him on a blind corner and well, the Beat has sat under a tarp at his dad's house ever since, it's 660cc mill relegated to dinghy-anchor duty due to the car's smashed up front end. Now Paukert the Exclaimer gives us an idea: Why not swap NSX parts onto it like these fellows from Nihon Automotive College did? They also apparently have constructed some manner of keiamino. Meanwhile, we want a Daihuatsu Boon X4amino in the worst way possible.


Japan Report: That's Soooo Beat! - NAT's MiniSX At Tokyo Auto Salon [Winding Road]

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Hoser Dave

Is that a rare Integramino back there?