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Mickey Kaus Leaves Detroit Suckdom at the Feet of the UAW

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Slate's Mickey Kaus doesn't buy Robert Kuttner of the Boston Globe's assertion that the real problem in Detwa is that the Big 2.5 are suffering from a lack of talent, but rather the overzealousness of bean counters in the face of the United Auto Workers' continued lack of meaningful concessions. Let us add something else to that. While Toyota may be able to complete a vehicle for over four bucks per hour less per worker and do it in over six hours' less time, the corporate accountants in Dearborn, Detroit and Auburn Hills have entered a shell-shocked state of mind that along with serious restructuring, needs to be dispensed with if Detroit is going to make serious strides in the segments where the action is moving.


Unionism Isn't Killing Detroit? [Slate]

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UAW employees make over $30.00 per hour to ASSEMBLE vehicles. I have worked in these plants years ago. Most people had/have a high school education and very little or no engineering experiance. Service technicians who REPAIR these vechiles must go through a 6 year program and invest $25,000 to $50,000 of their own money for tools. All this and they make $15.00 to $30.00 an hour depending on what part of the country they work. We routinely work on UAW employee vehicles, they create the most amount of problems with demands that their car or truck "be perfect". Yet the majority of them couldn't diagnosis or repair anything on that vehicle if their life depended on it. If the big 2.5 is smart, they will shut down this over payment for limited ability workers. Maybe then we won't be discussing which one may go bankrupt first.