Michigan Police Officer Writes 2,400 Tickets, Gets $21,562 In Overtime Pay

A police officer in Warren, Michigan has gotten himself caught in the crosshairs of the local television investigators for reaping $21,562 in overtime, partially due to the court time he had to put in for the 2,400 tickets he wrote. According to the investigators, Officer David Kanapsky spends a lot of time in court due to tickets he he writes that are contested, especially related to a certain stop sign the city has now replaced with a yield sign. The implication is that he's writing the tickets in order to get the overtime so that he can boost his salary above $80,000.

Of course, like all similar television news investigations there's no hard proof that he's doing this on purpose. It didn't help his case that he refused to comment on the record, but we've driven in Michigan and it wouldn't surprise us if there were 2,400 people worthy of getting ticketed. What do you all think?
[WXYZ via Motive Mag Forums]


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Jeff Glucker

@prndl: $150? I think it is $350-$360 here in SoCal...

Everyone out here sucks at driving and I cant wait until the day my aneurism explodes out the window of my truck into the open top of the Gallardo Spyder next to me that is being driven by an 18-year old douchebag...

Side note: I am leaving tonight to fly back to Boston and as soon as I land there I will miss California greatly... good thing I am only going through the weekend.