As was the case last year, the reason this year’s New York Auto Show was such an abysmal snoozefest was because automakers were saving all their interesting stuff for the show at the only car market that matters anymore, China. And at the ongoing Shanghai Motor Show, Chevrolet unveiled something truly bonkers.

Meet the Chevrolet-FNR Concept. It’s from the future. The reason you’re having trouble looking at it is because your eyeballs aren’t ready for it. Us 2015 people can barely comprehend it. Our brains haven’t evolved to that point yet.


More than just looking like a crazy sci-fi car, it probably represents what we’ll all be cruising around in once The Man takes our keys away in the coming decades: it’s an electric, self-driving pod car, with front seats that swivel around 180 degrees so you can chat with your passengers while the car does all the work for you.

There’s also a manual driving “feature,” but with roof-mounted radar and sensors to guide your way through traffic, why find new roads when the machine can do it for you?

Photos credit GM, Newspress