MiceSims Racing: Bizarre Marketing Run Amok

We imagine a team of ad-jockeys sitting around the EA games offices wondering: "How do we promote the new MySims Racing game?" To which a genius responded, "How about two mice racing in remote-controlled cars?"

Let us be the first to state this doesn't make any sense. The people who developed this probably help out on Cartoon Networks' late night show Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, cause it makes about as much sense and is probably similarly funny if you're 32, living in your mom's basement, drunk on boxed wine. It does pit a Corvette against a Shelby Mustang piloted by well known racing foes brown mouse and white mouse, but none of that makes sense either. Did we take too much cough medicine again? [Youtube]


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I'm going to come right out and say it:

This is one of the most Jalopnik ads I have ever seen.

I mean, seriously it has mice, RC cars, and racing. It's completely ridonkulous and has at least tangential car-related relevance.

I give it two thumbs up.