In what certainly has to be one of the greatest marriage proposals in international history, aerial photographer Colin Burgess proposed to his now-fiancee Caitlin using 44 Miatas spelled out to read "Marry Me?" in a California parking lot. Naturally, she said yes.

Colin runs an aerial photography business where he uses drones to take pictures of real estate properties as well as other film work. He and Caitlin were in a remote location where she thought she was helping him take real estate pictures, until Colin flew the drone over the Miatas.


She was stunned to find 44 Miatas asking the big question, with their drivers and passengers waving at the camera.

After Caitlin said yes, the newly engaged couple joined their Miata friends for a 65 mile cruise, because what else do you do when you have 44 Miatas in one place?

Miatas–is there anything they can't do?

Top Photo: Colin Burgess– Photos: Mark Booth–