Miami-Dade School Bus Drivers May Be Banned From Texting While Driving

Illustration for article titled Miami-Dade School Bus Drivers May Be Banned From Texting While Driving

Wait — "may?" You mean... they can do this... now?

According to a report in the Miami Herald, school bus drivers in Dade County may soon be banned from texting while driving. A member of the Miami-Dade school board proposed the new rule because, as he puts it, "people don't understand how serious of an issue this is. It's really dangerous."

We'd make a joke here, but frankly, we're still drowning in our own disbelief. (Really? This is legal?)

[Miami Herald]

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I'm a fairly die-hard libertarian, and as such, I don't think that there should be a law against texting while driving.

Sufficient laws already exist. If a person causes a crash, I don't care if it was because they were texting, drunk, getting a "trouser-friendly kiss", or taking a nap. Regardless of why the driver was unable to control the vehicle, the fact is that the driver was unable to control the vehicle.

Eating a bowl of soup while driving is easily as distracting as texting, but do we need a law specifically banning eating soup while driving? If you are texting, eating soup, or reaching into the backseat to smack your unruly kids, and you crash, you were distracted and not doing what you should have been. I don't care why you crashed, you shall be punished for the effect; not the cause.

I would like to say that a bus driver should be "banned" from texting, because it places others at risk, but placing others at undue risk should be the infraction, and not a specific cause of the risk. The bus driver is there to drive, and should be doing just that.

BTW, I'm not condoning texting while driving, nor driving drunk. I'm only condemning the superfluous legislation. #textingwhiledriving