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MG ZT: Get Out And Pump, Babe!

Watching this ad (and this similar one for the MG ZR), we can't help but wonder whether MG's new Chinese overlords will hire the same ad agency. In this ad, we find it telling that the MG needs to stop due to a mechanical problem; sure, it's a tire problem, but the point is the same: you don't buy an MG if you want to get anywhere. For that matter, we also find it telling that the word that will pop into the viewers' minds after viewing this ad is "suck."


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@milo_carrera: Yes! Even though the ad agency appears to be the Longbridge Primary School A/V Club (judging by the quality/sophistication of the video, muzak and graphics), the storyline and premise are still top notch.

And yes, I do love practically anything guaranteed to get the PC police's collective panties in a knot.