These renders of an all new MG TF come courtesy of AutoExpress, so of course that means they should be taken with a grain of salt. Still, based on the success of roadsters over the past decade it's not too far a stretch to think MG's new Chinese owners would want to build upon the MG tradition — leaky seals, fussy side draft carbs and pre-rusted rocker panels, we kid, we kid. But really, according to the Express, the new car will be built off of the Roewe 550 platform and be available both as a convertible and a coupe — interesting.

Power supposedly comes from a 1.8 L turbo four and 2.5 L V6 and drives the rear wheels. If they can manage to keep the weight down this could prove to be a very interesting little car. Production may start as early as 2010, but that's only if this isn't all a big made up farce. [AutoExpress]