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With Shanghai Automotive and ex-Ford Europe boss Martin Leach's Magma consortium announcing an official bid for MG Rover earlier this month, the secondmost player in the English tourney, Nanjing Automobile — Shanghai's rival — accompanied by businessman, David James, released designs of what an MG might look like if they were to take over the mothballed firm. James and his consortium lodged two bids, one for the MG brand and another for the MG Rover powertrain business, yesterday. Interesting ploy, Mr. James. But will it work? [Update: Nanjing wins.]


The designs are the work of Nanjing's design and engineering consulting partner, Arup, and a likely attempt to gain exposure to and support for the proposal, which — unlike the SAIC proposal — would not save jobs at MG Rover's Longbridge plant, shifting mainstream production to China. Meanwhile, Honda Motor has seized equipment and plans that would allow Rover to continue production of its 45 and MG ZS models, which it had done under a licensing arrangement with Honda. It was an attempt, some say, to keep them out of Chinese hands, assuring the cars would not be inapropriately appropriated.

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