Mexico's Drug Wars Spark Demand For Armored Beaters

Illustration for article titled Mexico's Drug Wars Spark Demand For Armored Beaters

How bad is violence in northern Mexico? Our old pals at Texas Armoring have seen business skyrocket for armor-plating low-profile beaters. When you need a bulletproof Toyota Camry, something's truly wrong with the world.

The outright warfare among drug cartels had already had boosted demand for high-end armored vehicles used by company executives. But now that the narcos have turned to road blocks and kidnapping, more people want low-profile rides like old Camrys and Nissan Maximas that can still survive gunshots from an AK-47.


The cartels themselves also have a preferred mode of transportation: Heavy-duty pickups. Texas officials recently busted a well-organized theft ring that targeted the Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks, paying a bounty of $1,200 to $1,600 per vehicle and setting weekly quotas for their truck mules.


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During the 90's Pablo Escobar was the reigning drug kingpin. If he ever needed to drive anywhere he used to go with his group of bodyguards armed with machine guns. If I am not mistaken his bodyguards rode around in a 4 runner.

Do you know what Pablo himself drove?

A bulletproof Fiat 147.