Mexican Police Nab James Bond-Style Jeep Grand Cherokee

In a daring bit of cartel violence, drug runners in northern Mexico smashed into a military vehicle, jumped out, lobbed a grenade and then made their escape on foot. Daring! Audacious! But it's what they left behind that's really insane.

It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee outfitted with the goods to put up a smoke screen and deploy spikes in the event of a chase. Part of us thinks this is really cool, and wonders if there were also missile launchers behind the headlights, an ejector seat, and hidden machine gun turrets. But on the other hand, such weaponry would be directed at Federales, and that's not cool. It's worth noting that AMC Jeeps were originally equipped with a smoke screen/oil slick machine, but that was mounted under the hood, called "the engine." [BBC Online]


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