Metro Detroit Roundabout Freak-Out!

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Here in Metro Detroit we'll be getting some of our first roundabouts and the Freep's Matt Helms has been kind enough to let us know the first of them will be part of what used to be our daily drive — the Northwestern connector area around West Bloomfield and Farmington Hills. Mmm, nothing sounds like more fun to us than a bunch of elderly gals from West Bloomfield trying to figure out a roundabout at Maple and Orchard Lake. Pardon us if we're a bit leery of the whole idea. Still, he's directed us to the official project site for tips on what we should expect when construction starts. Well, check that — if construction ever starts. We just checked out the "project status" page, and it's telling us to expect "Part I" to begin in late 2006 or early 2007, yet we're not seeing any construction beginning. Hmm, maybe we should be thinking of this as a multi-year project, and just stay the hell away from our old stomping grounds until like, umm, 2009 or something.

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