All The Great, Nerdy Technical Specs Of The Nissan GT-R LM Nismo

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You, there. Stats and numbers guy. Dude who’s just spent the last hour arguing on a forum why your road GT-R should curb-stomp an Evo based on specs alone. Road & Track published a list of all the Nissan LMP1’s specifications, magazine-style, like it was a normal street car. Go forth, and troll harder, with a vengeance.

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Methinks R&T may have oversold that a bit, there’s nothing truly revealing in that list. No specific outputs, gear ratios, acceleration times, cornering numbers, drag & downforce numbers, weight balance, etc. I had brief hopes for a full page as they’ve done well for decades, with 27 8x10 glossy color photographs with a paragraph on the back of each one. You know, “Full Specs”. That would have been cause for heavy breathing. Of course, I’m not surprised there’s not more there. Nissan must be commended for its candor & unprecedented access to the program, but they’re still justifiably holding some cards close, because that’s what you do. The only thing I was a surprised by is the different damper manufacturers front to rear, Ohlins & Penske.

I absolutely cannot wait for Le Mans! My excitement this year is only exceeded by my desire to be there.