Mercury To Unveil Focus-Based Compact, What Should They Call it?

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Mercury, Ford's habitually ignored mid-level luxury brand will get a variation of the C-segment platform underpinning the 2012 Ford Focus It'll suposedly debut as an LA Auto Show concept according to Automobile. But what will it be called?

Ford's global compact platform can become just about anything, serving as work van, CUV, MPV, coupe, compact and badass hot hatch in Europe. As much as we'd like to see a Mercury-based variation of the Focus RS (Capri Part Duex, anyone?) this is more likely to be a four-door or five-door compact to give Lincoln-Mercury dealers something smaller and cheaper to offer.


Given Ford's recent hard-on for historical nomenclature (which we wholeheartedly approve when the shoe fits), what classic Mercury nameplate should they resurrect? Unfortunately, they've already ruined Montego and Zephyr — so what else is left? Comet? Lynx? Capri? What do you think? [Automobile]