Mercedes-Pens Is A Self-Explanatory Art Car

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If you haven't had enough of the art cars yet, take a gander at Costas Schuler's Mercedes-Pens. The Santa Rosa, California, resident has a knack for pens—so much so it became his shtick by gluing thousands upon thousands of pens to his 1981 300SD turbodiesel Mercedes-Benz. Schuler uses the the art-car as a promotional tool for himself, who serves as an inspirational speaker and comedian. Schuler accepts pen donations, which can be mailed to him.


On his Web site Schuler answers some of the obvious questions. He began gluing pens in June of 2005 and none of the pens work due to weather. When it rains it causes the felt tips pens to leak and he washes the car with using soap and water and gently scrubbing the pens. He recently appeared at the Maker Faire in California and has many other events coming up. [Pen Guy via Make]



At first glance it's just another "I glued a bunch of shit to my car" art car.

But I appreciate that he spent some time laying out designs with the pens for certain areas of the vehicle.

Then I disappointed myself when I thought of how much cooler it would have been if he'd utilized the different colors and color densities of the differing pens to make a mozaic of Hitler in a sun dress.