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Mercedes Lets Retired Old Man Drive An F1 Car At The Nurburgring

Nurburgring's Nordschliefe hasn't seen an F1 race since 1976. But occasionally, a current team will take a car to the track just to have a little bit of fun. That's what Mercedes just did with their 2011 F1 car and an old retired man named Michael, who I'm told is the most successful F1 driver of all time.


In what appears to be a showcase for AMG metal, the Mercedes W02 is led onto the track by everything from an A45 AMG to an SLS GT3. Of course, they do give a good bit of space the F1 car.


The track itself isn't up to safety standards and this is a publicity stunt, so speeds aren't exactly what you'd call crazy fast. There are a few turns where the car appears a little bit nervous, so don't come here expecting a record run from the pensioner. But for a retired man, Mr. Schumacher does a pretty great job of keeping it on the track.

So he doesn't drive all that fast. Who cares? The car sounds fantastic.

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