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Mercedes Is America's Favorite Luxury Brand... For Car Thieves

Illustration for article titled Mercedes Is Americas Favorite Luxury Brand... For Car Thieves

Mercedes-Benz is on top of the luxury car heap in America, but not for the reasons M-B bosses want. They're the most stolen luxury cars in the country.


According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Mercedes has been the top choice for car thieves from 2009 through 2012. The most stolen luxury car of all was the Mercedes C-Class and both the E-Class and the S-Class made it into the top ten, reports Bloomberg.

Mercedes PR tried their best to find a positive spin to the thefts stating, "the more desirable the vehicle, the more attractive the vehicle is to thieves."


Photo Credit: Mercedes

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Isn't the Escalade also a hit among thieves? I think the lux car brands that thieves like are generally a bit flashier and louder. In recent years, Mercedes has definitely become that. Mercedes used to be pretty understated, but now the badge is the size of a dinner plate and it's all chromed out. Not that I'm complaining, I'm tacky and prefer that look. But I think it somewhat explains the trend.

Old Merc: "Good day, sir."