Mercedes Gives SL63 AMG More Power Because They Hate Tires

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It's a little known fact, but Mercedes's AMG division actually hates tires. Their entire mission is to ruin every single piece of rubber that gets applied to wheels. In order to help accomplish that mission the SL63 AMG now has 585 horsepower.

The 585 horsepower number is a large 48 horsepower bump over the current engine, while torque jumps a massive 74 pound feet, which will make the tire destruction even easier off the line. The updated engine brings power figures in line with the new S63 AMG Coupe.

And while AMG hates tires, this means that tire makers love AMG, since they get to sell even more pieces of rubber to AMG owners than they would normally.


The 2015 SL63 AMG will go on sale soon with no price announced, though it should be broadly similar to the current car. If you're behind one, be sure you're able to see through the cloud of tire smoke that will inevitably be produced as it accelerates off the line.