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Who hasn't been there. You're talking on the phone, eating a falafel, texting with your homies, thinking about your next pinochle play, smoking a cigar, imagining Nigella Lawson naked in a dumpster full of clotted cream, taking a bath, plotting world domination and trying to drive at the same time. Next thing you know, a large, rocket-propelled can of pork shoulder caroms off your side window, scaring your sleeping grandfather half to death. If you had Mercedes' new Blind Spot Assist, you'd have seen that can coming and been able to take evasive action, saving grandpa's wits. The new system uses six short-range radar sensors in the front and rear bumpers, which monitor zones circling the vehicle.If the system detects an object in the any of the zones, a warning symbol appears on the rearview mirror. Ignoring the warning causes the symbol to flash, and triggers an audible warning. The system is an option on an option on S- and CL-Class models. Use as directed. [via Benz Insider]

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