Mercedes AMG SL63 Debuts in Geneva

We've been waiting for the 6.2-liter AMG V8 version of the Mercedes SL like that famous dog in Scotland who waited at the train station for his dead master to arrive. Of course AMG is no dead master, as it were. It's a cornucopia of major mechanicals, of which its latest naturally aspirated V8 is most definitely one. Now, were those boys to build a rockcrusher manual or manumatic tranny that can handle this beast without leaving bits along the autobahn, and ditch the autobox... why, we'd have more car than the average real-estate developer in Orange County could handle. Oh wait... they did. It's the new seven-speed, twin-clutch SpeedShift MCT (Multi-Clutch Transmission) box, which ships with with four drive modes. That means faster shifts to go with the pleasing throttle blips when going back down. Time for those Wire Brush (TM) brand hair plugs, Bob.


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