Mega-Gallery: James May’s Lego House Nearly Complete

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Top Gear's James May plans to live in a full-size house, complete with working toilet, made entirely of Legos for two days. It should be done by Saturday. Here's a slew of photos of how it looks right now.


Over two million individual bricks have been used in the project so far, with another million planned for completion. As you can see, they're assembled into larger, hollow building blocks that are then stacked to create the walls. Small window bricks are interspersed throughout the structure to help bring light inside, while a wooden frame appears to support the entire structure. Once it's completed, May will move in for two to three days, where he'll sleep on a Lego bed, pee in a Lego toilet and wash himself in a Lego bath.


"If I wake up buried under a pile of bricks, I'll know it's gone wrong," says the Top Gear presenter. [via The Daily Mail and Flickr]

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Ash78, voting early and often

This is what the Brits call a "folly." And I love it, even though I'm a little disappointed they didn't make the blocks load bearing.