Meet The 1000 Horsepower Rotary Miata That Just Invaded America

After months of building and shipping and waiting, it’s finally here — this is the 1000+ horsepower four-rotor Mazda Miata drift car. It came from New Zealand and now it’s set to enter into America’s Formula Drift.


That’s the car just warming up its tires at Road Atlanta for this weekend’s second round of the 2015 FD season. Incinerating those rears isn’t too hard — this thing has a twin-turbo 26B rotary engine putting down 1032 hp on low boost.


The man at the wheel, the guy who got this project going, is Mad Mike Whiddett. He’s no stranger to huge horsepower rotary Mazdas. He has a whole stable of these things with three and four rotor swaps.

Read more about this Miata, maybe the most extreme ever made, right here on SpeedHunters. They call it RADBULL.

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so thats what 200 ft-lbs of torque in a Miata looks like.