Meet Sinky, The Amphibious British Bus Of Your Dreams

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This amphibious bus is part of a proposed plan to improve public transport in the Scottish city of Glasgow. It's currently undergoing "sea" trials on the River Clyde. It has encountered problems, but it has not sunk. Yet.


Let's be realistic: The bus you see here probably won't sink. Amphibious buses have been in service around the world for several years (who knew?), and as far as we know, there are no recorded instances of one meeting a watery demise. The $1 million, Dutch-built bus you see here uses twin jet drives when in the water and can carry 50 passengers. It's currently being evaluated for full-time commuter use.

You'll note that the bus is both yellow and, well, a bus. You will also note that we resisted the urge to make any "Britannia schools the waves" jokes. You are welcome.


(OK, so the bus's name isn't really "Sinky." The amphibus people are actually calling it "20,000 Leagues Under That Smelly Guy In The Indianapolis Greyhound Station Who Tried To Sell You A Half-Eaten Bologna Sandwich." Mmm! Tastes like diesel!)

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Shouldn't the headlights be above the water level?