Mea Maxima Culpa: Consumer Reports Retracts Damning Car Seat Report

Those of you with babies are hopefully well aware that Consumer Reports has, er, reported that basically every car seat made is a death trap and you might as well tie your infants down with wet glass and concertina wire. Now they are saying that they outsourced the tests — which turned out to be flawed — and are retracting their report. But here's the part that gets us; the flaw is that the car seat crash tests were supposed to have been conducted at 38mph. They weren't. The tests took place at a much more severe 70mph. Which means that... at 70mph the scion of your loins is toast, but at 38mph they might be OK, maybe. Huh? But what if you like to drive fast? LIke, we only dipped below 80 mph once today. On accident. We'll just stick to being childless, thank you.

Consumer Reports retracts infant car seat study []

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