McLaren celebrates a magical number from Top Gear

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Given that McLaren tuned the MP4-12C on the damp tarmac of Top Gear's Dunsfold track, its not surprising it would perform well under the New Stig's guidance. But the MP4-12C's official time was so outstanding McLaren staff celebrated the moment today in frosting.


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It was truly a great lap, all the more impressive that it is a moderately inexpensive car compared to every other car in the top 10 and in that it is a real road car compared to the Atom which is magnificent but somewhat lacking in amenities (like a roof).

I feel like a lot of the grousing that it could have done better are based on the fact that the car looked incredibly composed during the lap, it made the lap look easy. All the other supercars twitch like mad in the corners and flail about making it look like breaking a bull but the Mc was ice cold.

I also feel like Stiggy cut the holy fuck out of the straightaway exit corner (looked like 4 wheels to me), but I'm not enough of a racer to know if that helped or hurt the time. I believe Jezza told him to do this to reinforce his statements about the rides comfort and stability.