Are McLaren And Honda About To Build Road Cars Together?

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McLaren and Honda had a short but incredibly fruitful partnership in Formula One in the late 1980s and early 1990s. They're getting back together for 2015, and now the rumor is that the partnership could transfer to road cars as well.


The deal between Honda and McLaren starts in 2015 and is only for the F1 team, but Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh has said that they are being very open and sharing automotive tech as well.

Honda wouldn't be involved in the P1, the 12C, or the upcoming Porsche 911-fighting P13, but perhaps a model down the line could utilize Honda power? Maybe something smaller where McLaren's 3.8 liter V8 won't work?

What if there was an ultra-lightweight McLaren Lotus Elise-fighter with VTEC in the back? Yeah, that sounds nice to me too.

Honda is also apparently using the 12c as a benchmark for the new NSX that they're currently developing.

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Victorious Secret

McLaren already hit a home run with their 3.8TT that they can detune and shove into anything they damn well need to.

This seems more like a one sided relationship. Also, LULZ at the NSX being benchmarked against the MP4. That is lofty company to aspire to.

Maybe Honda should be more reasonable and perhaps try to beat Nissan? (which they can't but I give them credit for trying)